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About  company.

 Science Production Enterprise "Cyfral" is one of the largest enterprises in Russia and in the world among manufacturers of door phone and access control systems. The company appeared in this market more than 15 years ago and it can satisfy the most demanding customers who want to purchase door phone and access control systems in order to feel safe at homes, in offices as well as in any others buildings.
Science Production Enterprise "Cyfral" develops, manufactures and supplies microprocessor audio door phones, video door phones, intercom systems,  microprocessor controllers, electromagnetic locks, power supplies, digital key fobs, proximity keys and cards, in a word, a full line of products for communal and personal security systems.
The company has its own engineering and producing foundation based on progressive technologies, which allows to quickly react to the changing demand in this field of security systems and to create cutting-edge technologies, thus reaching the highest quality of products.
The company using digital technology in the door phone production not only goes with the times but also outstrips it referring to the Russian reality.
For instance, our design department-the ABC of any production- works with fully licensed computer-aided design system Pro-Engineer. This integrated bundled software is a brand new approach to the development and preparation of products for their production.
Moreover, it is unique in providing the end-to-end design and production circle. The series of specialized complex modules allows the company to solve a wide range of engineering tasks, such as: conceptual design, engineering analysis, tooling design and development of control programs for CNC equipment.
With Pro-Engineer computer software implementation,3Ddesigninggraphics has become a reality for design-engineering department of "Cyfral" Co.
It is undeniable that our manufacturing capabilities equal the engineering profile of the Co.
As for the foundry, all the plastic parts for the door phone systems are made here. There are more than 12 high-tech thermoplastic machines in the foundry which allows to improve and increase the quality and productivity of labor and products.
Now about machine area. There are several areas: the area for high pressure metal casting and the area of powder coating. The machine-tool equipment (like lathe, grinding and milling machines)is located there. The area produces faceplates of door phone systems, electromagnetic locks, accessory fittings for the latter and products’ mechanical components-from the preparation of the necessary element to the final result, including full customizing.
“Cyfral” takes a legitimate pride in the automated assembly line which is really cutting age technology. SMD line is placed in a specially equipped room.  Putting SMD line into operation has made it possible to increase productivity, eliminate human failures in the production cycle and achieve more flexibility in the PCB assembly. Additionally SMD line implementation and automated design have allowed to facilitate the process of PCB production as well as increase the product reliability and reduce the its size.
In the assembly area of the Co, assembling process of door phone systems, different types of electronic keys and subscriber handsets takes place.
Handsets are assembled on our new automated assembly line that has improved product quality and increased production volume. Different models of video door phones are assembled and tested in the same area.
Our production is expanding in all directions. Today about 500 employees comprise the staff of the Co. A new engineering section has been opened in the tool area. The advanced programmed mechanical equipment was installed there, namely a five axis programming metalworking machine QUASER and a three axis metalworking machine Harding. Without such machines it would be impossible to carry out an end-to-end design and production cycle. It is the place to which3D models are taken from the design office. Their surfaces have a complicated geometry. Constantly improving its production, “Cyfral” has entered a new stage and it cannot do without CNC machines for which the company’s programmers generate the parts processing program for the mould production in plastic and aluminum molding.
We are proud to have got advanced machines (Harding and QUASER) without which it is impossible to make such moulds that the enterprise needs today.
This area at "Cyfral" manufacture is one more example of high technologies implementation.
All of that is done for the company development, for competitive production, product upgrade as well as a further increase in efficiency and productivity.
The company constantly opens up new markets not only in Russia but also abroad, sets up companies for installing and post sell service of "Cyfral" equipment in countries such as Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland and the Baltic countries. The total number of subscribers exceeds 50 million in the above mentioned countries, with more than 3 million of them getting our operational maintenance.
Science Production Enterprise "Cyfral" has its own huge dealers’ network, service and technical support centers in many cities in Russia and CIS countries. Moreover, 50 "Cyfral" regional offices with about 2,000 employees have been opened in all regions of the above mentioned countries.
"Cyfral" brand products meet the highest standards of quality at every stage of production. There is a strict control beginning from initial inspection of materials and components to final product testing. All manufacture equipment is certified and some of its items are included in the all-Russian codifier for industrial engineering products and in the project documentation for newly constructed buildings across Russia.
Since 2004 "Cyfral" company has been annually confirming the ISO 9001 certification that means conformity with the international quality standards.
In addition, the fast developing "Cyfral" company has got a reputation in the Russian business world and the company has been certified and awarded "The Best In Russia" title by Russian Consumer Protection Fund.
Science Production Enterprise "Cyfral" means modern digital technologies in the production of Russian door phone systems, it also offers high quality and reliable "Cyfral" brand products which are well-known both in Russia and abroad.

We are always happy to assist and work with you and we invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation.


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